Friday, April 23, 2010


I painted this painting in 2006, and it is my very first painting ever. My sister invited me to go to an arts and crafts store where an art teacher would be instructing beginners on how to paint. I thought to myself...I haven't drawn anything in years, and the last time I attempted, I was almost certain that I had lost my artistic abilities completely. I went anyway. When I got there, I looked out over a very large table filled with people and wondered how only one instructor could handle teaching "one on one" with a crowd like this. It turns out, she couldn't. I waited and waited, but she never got to me. So I decided to start on my own. What's the worst that could happen? An hour or two wasted and the cost of a few paints and a canvas wouldn't be so bad, I reasoned.

The Holy Spirit inspired me to begin sketching an American Indian woman sitting on top of a mountain, witnessing and pondering the rising of the sun, as the moon prepared for its departure to make way for a new day. As I picked up a paintbrush for the first time, I felt God's hand guiding me...reassuring me....creating with me and through me. After I had completed the painting, the instructor finally made her way over to me and declared, " You never needed my help at already know how to paint!" I laughed to myself. I knew that it was the hand of God that taught me to paint that day. He did not give me a "perfect" gift, however. For if He always gave us our gifts fully perfected, we would have no reason to practice, to cultivate, and to master our talents and abilities. What He did give me was a perfect annointing, and a perfect seed bursting with potential and promise, just as many of you have been given. By the time I had walked out to the parking lot with my newly created oil painting, I realized that my life had changed. By His love and grace, my Heavenly Father had given me a perfect BEGINNING, from which MyJunkyTrunk would be born. For years this painting had been untitled...but in January of 2010, the Holy Spirit impressed upon me to entitle it, "Beginning". Quite naturally, I think that suits it perfectly!!!

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